Olympus – Lower Zeus Couloir

After a few night shifts, I was tired of seeing everyone gloat across the internet about the ski conditions. Sleep or lack thereof be damned, I was determined to get in a few turns.

Snow levels had dropped to the valley floor, laying down a coat of low density fluff atop a solid base, so though I couldn’t find a partner for the morning, I felt good about wandering off alone. I intended the Zeus Couloir, a chuting gallery non-classic adjacent to the West Slabs on Mt Olympus.

With too little sleep, I didn’t bother to read the guidebook and ended up passing the base of the couloir proper in a quest to ski from a visible col. In retrospect, the couloir was a shallow corner in the slabs that while filled in was actively stuffing as I passed– a project for another day.

Still, the corner that I skied delivered. The main slabs had stuffed into the couloir, reducing the overhead hazard and filling the couloir with waist-deep cold smoke. While a wallow, particularly alone, the work paid off.

A short approach up a brushy streambed.

The couloir entrance, hidden in fog.

At the entrance, with the West Slabs coming into view.

Trenching upwards in Verts with the city below.

My trench in deep, fluffy, steep snow.

A peek over the other side into Neff’s canyon and the top of the Apollo couloir.

To the victor go the spoils.



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