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Mount Hood is no skier’s paradise, but for those who live in and around Portland, OR, it’s the closest thing that we’ve got. The topography of what is essentially a single and isolated mountain creates challenging conditions and unique weather that is further complicated by fairly limited skiable terrain. But ski it we will.

I’ve created this map and will continue to update it as I have time, experience, and inclination. Included here are some backcountry ski areas in the Mt Hood region that some have considered “secret” or “word of mouth”. I am sharing these publicly now for two reasons. First, word is clearly out. On any given weekend more skiers visit these runs than could have been indoctrinated by personal means. Second, there are now multiple companies approaching experienced skiers in the northwest seeking local knowledge to build into GPS-ready backcountry skiing phone apps. This is all well and good, but I turned down the offer of pay to share this information so that it can be shared how it ought to be:

Sufficient beta should be provided by trusted sources* so that skiers new to the area and to the sport can explore, learn, and enjoy the backcountry in safety and relative solitude. This information should be given as it was received: for free. 

Please begin your use of this page by reading the Short Guide to Mt Hood. This provides context for the area, including a number of peculiarities about the terrain, the snowpack, and  access to the mountain.

Avalanche Forecast – The most recent NWAC forecast for the Mt Hood area.
Weather – NOAA Weather forecast for Mt Hood, 6000′ elevation.
The Map – Click for full Caltopo interface.

Mt Hood Ski Guide – A guide to selected ski routes on Mt Hood.

Map Overview

Use the map link above to access the full functionality of the map, including changing map layers and printing custom maps. 

*Whether you consider this site a trusted source is up to you.

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Last modified: September 18, 2017

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