A few Spring lines

It seems almost frivolous to be writing about skiing when the COVID-19 epidemic is weighing so heavily on my mind, but I also think it’s important to keep having fun and doing what brings us joy. Here’s one of two updates on recent activity. More soon.


A gloomy day on the brink of a storm, pelted by grauppel, stiff but skiable snow, and another line in the books.

A sad look back down a gloomy Suicide chute.

Homicide, from the top.
A look back up the midsection.
Creepy glide cracks down low.


Another gloomy day of late-winter skiing. Undermotivated and unable to find a partner, I went to have a look at Mineral Fork’s “Room of Doom” and opted for a steep face I’d eyed all season.

Looking down the face of GB No.
Lower-angle grauppel on the apron.

Little Pine East

A few days after Homicide, when Spring announced itself. A late start after working late the night before. Sprinted up and down in time for safety and corn.

Little Pine East follows the central Z-shaped line ending on this massive swathe of destruction from the February avalanche cycle.
Booting up through the choke.
Approaching the ridge.
Looking down the line from the ridge. Solidly 40+ at the top.
Timed the corn cycle just fine, which is to say, by luck.

Two Trees

Headed to a bigger objective when I realized that I’d committed to remaining in cell service for the day. South-facing corn off the Superior ridgeline was a good consolation prize.

Two Trees in bluebird corn. It’s hard to argue with real Spring.
A fine choke and a soon-to-be-closed Snowbird.

Days Fork

Conversion back to Winter for a moment. Scott and I took the long way from the very bottom of Day’s fork to ski the best pow at the top. Three untracked lines of blower.

Skinning up to Upper Day’s Fork.
It’s no problem to be trenching in late May.
Scott, getting some in Main Days.
Scott, getting more.
Line 2, Banana days, photo by Scott.
Headed to line #3 in Banana Days/Crystal Palace.
Scott, finding some wallowing in the fog.
Top of line 3, an unnamed feature deserving of a name.

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