East Face of Twin

Just a quick entry with some recent action. Took a visiting medical school friend Nick out for his first ever backcountry tour. It was a rough skinner for him and trial by fire, but he rose to the occasion.

Nick out for his first tour, ever.

Tried to make it good for him.
Seems to have worked.

From the ridge I was looking at the East Face of Salt Lake Twins, and it was time. Avalanche danger was green light and I had an early morning off granted to me by my loving wife. Solo was fine by me, given that the risk is falling more than avalanches in current conditions.

BCC Ridgeline with morning sun.
Up into Broads Fork.
Magnified view of the face from Mineral Fork. Route begins at the high point and skis the face down and left.

The face is inspiring from afar and broad from the base. A booter was partway in, and equally stupid local Mark Billie was in front of me extending it to the summit.

Foreshortened view from the base of the face. Mark Billie is up there somewhere, a dot just above the sun line.
Midway up the East Face as the sun filters in between Dromedary and Jepson’s Folly.
Me nearing the top of the face. Mark Billie photo.

I caught Mark right at the top and he was content to let me ski first as he enjoyed the summit longer. He was kind enough to take a photo as I set off skiing. The descent was firm, steep, consequential, and manageable. Everything one could want from a big face at the roof of the range.

Embarking down the East Face. Mark Billie photo.
Skinner on the way out, Twins behind.

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