Goodbye, 2019

2019 was a hell of a year. While there are a lot of things that make me want to give 2019 the finger, like an orange-haired clown who dominates the media cycle, backwards-moving climate policies, and meth-heads breaking into our garage, there’s no way around the fact that 2019 marks the year that our daughter came into existence and changed our lives, tectonically, and mostly for the better.

2019 is a year worth celebrating, and in Utah, the celebration began early with great early season snow and coverage across the range. It’s snowing again as I write this, and oddly I’m a bit sad about it because it’s been a great string of stable bluebird powder days.

December started out strong, with good coverage and early season pow.

This season, with Sawyer in our lives, I decided to put racing on the back burner and focus on maximizing my time in the mountains. That means more time with partners, new partners, new places, and bigger lines and bigger goals.

An early morning in Mineral Fork with Scott.

I’ve been exploring mineral fork quite a bit this early season with the eager NE transplant to, Scott.

Solstice time means no sun for the wicked.

We also got tremendously lucky with conditions and timing and everyone else’s pessimism and skied a great Chuting Gallery line and others off of Raymond and Gobbler in stable boot top pow with nobody else in sight all day.

Unless you’re on an East face. Sunrise in Butler Fork.
It wouldn’t be an adventure with Patrick if it didn’t involve some shennanigans.
Summit of Mt Raymond.
Yours truly, guinnea-pigging it off the summit.
Scott, on the apron.

You really don’t know until you go. Unlike the PNW where optimism usually gets rained on, in the Wasatch it’s generally always a good idea to get up and go see what condition the conditions are in.

Our tracks off of Raymond lap 1, front and center from the top.
Behold, a worthy second lap. (For the record, those aren’t tracks– that’s from the cornice I dropped on the couloir.)
The author, turning less, skiing more. Gobbler’s Knob behind.
Like dessert, just better.
Encore, to Gobbler’s knob. Raymond behind.
Too bad it’s all tracked up around here. Just me and my cornice bombs.

To wrap up 2019, I took a solo day to a new zone. As was the theme for the week, it was bluebird, and the snow was sublime.

There will be more to come. Take care, and Happy New Year!

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