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Rounding a Bend, Grand Escalante National Monument Patrick Fink
Rounding a Bend, Grand Escalante National Monument

The perceptive, devoted, obsessive, or unlucky among you may have noticed that Mountain Lessons went down for the last couple of days.

Never Fear.

This was necessary to change web hosts away from the Worthless and Tyrannical to a new and much improved host. Mountain Lessons can now continue with better service and no BS. ┬áThe site will continue to look down occasionally for the next 48 hours, but after that, we’ll be flying high.

I’m excited. I have good things in store for you. With Winter around the corner once more, the second to pass while writing on this site, I realize that I have much more to say about the cold months than the warm ones. Knowledge articles, gear reviews, reflections, and photographs will be rolling in short order.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Mountain Lessons. If you haven’t, consider subscribing using the button on the right sidebar or the link at the top of this page– that way, you’ll never miss and article, and you can have it delivered right to your inbox.

You can also help out by making your Christmas purchases using links on this site! It ┬ácosts me a surprising amount to keep this thing running, especially as traffic grows, and your purchases help to keep me running. Use a link like the one below and you’ll directly support maintaining this site.

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