Toledo Morning

One of the perks of working up at the Alta Ski Clinic is that it’s just across the street from some really great ski touring terrain. Usually, the South facing slopes above Alta get skied during and immediately after a storm, so it’s hard to get good clean runs in there.

Morning light in Toledo Bowl

Well, Matt offered a swap, he to Park City and I to Alta, and it being the day after a storm, I accepted. I headed uphill from the Sheriff’s office around 7 am, and I was amazed to see that practically nobody had been out yet. I actually broke trail on the way to Toledo Bowl, which never happens.

Skinning up Toledo bowl.
A pair of splitboarders, my only companions for the morning.

A couple of gents had put in a skinner to Toledo Chute and I couldn’t resist. The ‘moderate’ danger for the day indicated wind slabs as the primary issue on that aspect, but there were none to be found and I banged out two laps down the chute in boot top pow before grabbing a breakfast burrito at Alta Java and getting to work a few minutes early.

Tracks out Toledo chute.
Recovery nutrition.
Luna the clinic dog, napping it out.

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