Sprinting for the Starting Line


On an adventure blog, it can mean only two things. You see, it’s the quintessential paradox of the blogging adventurer that any minute spent blogging is one assuredly not spent adventuring. So, when the blog goes silent I am most likely just being lazy, but in this case, I’ve been out there, doing it.


Since May 1st, my trusty partner Taylor and I have been on the road through the West, occasionally climbing, possibly skiing, but predominantly tagging the best mountain bike trails that we can find.

We’re now almost a month and more than 200 miles of riding into the trip, and with sore behinds we’re parked in Crested Butte, CO, the only mountain town that has ever inspired me to blog by phone, let alone twice now. Hopefully the winter storm warning lined up for the next two days will yield some fresh snow, and a ski descent or two.


In a week, I’ll have a computer, and you’ll have more photos and stories from the road. Until then, I’ll be sleepin on the dirt, smelling like dusty sweat, and soaking up the high-mountain sun. Get out there and get yourself a piece of spring!

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