Forty Inches

I wrote a long post about my friend’s recent and surprising suicide, but technology lost it and I can’t bring myself to write it all again. Just a few days ago, my grandfather also passed peacefully from this world, leaving me plumb out of grandparents. Add to that my Uncle’s unexpected death earlier this year, and my grandmother’s passing last year, and it has been quite a year for endings. To summarize and extend what I wrote about my friend Xeno and his shocking suicide, we who remain living are charged with loving and experiencing life all the more for those who no longer can.

I’ve been leading a blessed life, which is why I haven’t been writing much. I grow so self absorbed that I have no time to stroke my own ego. I apologize if I’ve failed to entertain recently. See below for one good reason that I haven’t written anything recently.

Vimeo: Forty Inches

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