The Only Muscle Worth Training

From House of Frieh:

“A very wise man told me recently this:

“Others discuss and even argue about which training method is the ‘best.’ I’ve participated in that conversation. I won’t now though because – the way most people do it – it is only physical training and therefore, for my purposes, one-dimensional and shallow. To me the point is growth, and to be specific: psychological growth. Building strength and endurance is dandy. Hell, it’s an admirable objective and pastime in a society of the mostly indolent and obese. But it’s EASY. The hard part is what comes next. The hard part is using one’s acquired physical capabilities, testing to learn whether those skills are as meaningful or valuable as all the ‘atta boy’ gym patter pretends. And the really tough part is translating physical capability into equivalent mental horsepower and psychological growth. Nice muscles decorating a 4-bit CPU are (like) lipstick on a pig. And in my opinion, if, using whatever means, one develops his own multi-core processor, then the rest, i.e. the decoration or the physical capability will follow as a consequence. Every meaningful physical achievement that has occurred has originated in the mind. And it’s the only muscle worth training.”

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