Start SkiMo Racing: 8 Tips You Need to Know

Early season turns on Mt Hood

Early season turns on Mt Hood


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In most parts of the country but my own, the snow is starting to fall, skis are coming out of the closet, and ski-season stoke is circulating. This year as you think about your skiing plans, maybe you’re considering signing up for your first skimo race, or maybe you raced once or twice last year, got hooked, and are thinking about taking your game to the next level.

There’s nothing to stop you. Skimo is a beginner friendly sport. Still, when I started racing, I reinvented the wheel over and over again. So this year, I’ve compiled eight tips to point you in the right direction if you’re just revving up your skimo engine for the first or second time.

1. When it comes to training, any skiing is better than no skiing.

Most skimo racers live within reach of the mountains. Any coach will agree that there is no substitute for sport-specific training, which means that to train for skimo racing, the best thing that you can do is to ski uphill as much as possible. While you can derive some aerobic benefit from cross-training on a bike or by running, the motor patterns are very different from skiing, so an hour spent skiing is probably worth two or more running or biking. Also, if you’re using skimo skis to race (read: really short, really skinny) then you need to learn to ski them in all sorts of conditions, which means touring on them as much as possible. Leave the B-dizzle-mega-fatties at home and make your skimo skis your go-to ski.

Sometimes you have to walk to go skiing. It's always worth it, one way or another.

Sometimes you have to walk to go skiing. It’s always worth it, one way or another.

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