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Wasatch Powder Keg Registration Now Open

wasatch powderkeg

Registration for the 2014 Wasatch Powder Keg is now open!

The race will span three days on March 7th – 9th:
March 7 – Sprint Race $20 – one climb/booter/descent
March 8 – Individual Race $65 – 6500′, 10 miles
March 9 – Technical Teams Race $130/team – 8600′, 14 miles


Wasatch Powderkeg

Register Here   $140/person for all three!


In addition to being one of the longest-standing, best-organized, and most entertaining skimo races around, the Wasatch Powderkeg will be the ISMF North American Championships this year.

What does that mean?

It means that racers can score points for ISMF and USSMF standings by racing at Brighton,  so the race will draw the best talent around to race on Dry Wasatch Snow.

Additionally, the race will be the third stop on the OR Subaru Vertfest, and they’ll be putting on clinics and events to benefit the UAC.

Come race!

Back And Better Than Ever

Rounding a Bend, Grand Escalante National Monument Patrick Fink

Rounding a Bend, Grand Escalante National Monument

The perceptive, devoted, obsessive, or unlucky among you may have noticed that Mountain Lessons went down for the last couple of days.

Never Fear.

This was necessary to change web hosts away from the Worthless and Tyrannical to a new and much improved host. Mountain Lessons can now continue with better service and no BS.  The site will continue to look down occasionally for the next 48 hours, but after that, we’ll be flying high.

I’m excited. I have good things in store for you. With Winter around the corner once more, the second to pass while writing on this site, I realize that I have much more to say about the cold months than the warm ones. Knowledge articles, gear reviews, reflections, and photographs will be rolling in short order.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Mountain Lessons. If you haven’t, consider subscribing using the button on the right sidebar or the link at the top of this page– that way, you’ll never miss and article, and you can have it delivered right to your inbox.

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AAC Live Your Dream Grant!

We’re proud to announce that that American Alpine Club has honored our dream with a grant, choosing our expedition from among many in this year’s “Live Your Dream” pool.  We plan to link the three local cascades volcanoes under human power in an attempt to rediscover and highlight the possibilities of local adventure, which don’t require big funds, international travel, or destructive carbon emissions.   We’re looking for real adventure in the back yard.

Live Your Dream Grant Banner

-The American Alpine Club-


Patrick Fink and Ethan Linck($300) are off on another Live Your Dream human-powered adventure by linking the “Cascade Trifecta” of Mount Hood, Mount Adams and Mount Rainier in a round-trip push from Portland using only bicycles and skis. Ethan writes, “The project also returns some of the lost romance of the long-form adventure: where car and air travel have dramatically shrunk our conception of the globe’s size, the slower pace of bike travel will give us a greater perception of the magnitude of the distances involved, of the undertaking itself, and allow us to more fully immerse ourselves in the landscape.”

Part of the stipulations of the grant is that we are to record and share our experience with others through images, words, maybe even video.  So look forward to some good stories of suffering. Thanks again to the AAC for helping to make this happen!

American Alpine Club Logo

Stand By, Friends

Friends, I haven’t forgotten you. I appreciate your patience, and that despite my recent silence, 60+ of you still take the time to read this website each day. It humbles me.

My life is in a time of transition and impressive work load, which should relax somewhat in the coming weeks.  I have big plans to continue writing here through the summer and beyond. But for a moment, there will be less.  It’s all I can do to keep running and staying sane.  I care about what I write here, and it takes time to make posts that satisfy me. I will be able to give my time to you again soon.

The author, running near Elk Mountain

The author, running near Elk Mountain

In the mean time, get outside.  Feel the air, the sun, the rain, and the coarse texture of real experience.

If you need something to read in the meantime, may I suggest looking at my Allies page?  That should keep you busy.

Also, I would love to hear from those of you who read this regularly.  Post in the comments: what do you enjoy most on this website, and what do you want me to do more?  Specific ideas?  When I return, your requests will be honored.

Cheers,    –Patrick